An Oral History of the Crime Victim Assistance Field
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This Victim Oral History Project seeks to capture the evolution of one of the nation's most significant social rights movements--the Victim's Rights Movement. The Project recognizes that the rich history of the crime victims' field resides primarily in the memories and experiences of the pioneers that actually made the history. In order to capture and preserve this important history, Project staff conducted video taped interviews with more than fifty of the fields' pioneers who made some of the historically significant contributions to the progress and evolution of the crime victims' field. Together, their first hand accounts, renaissances and perspectives help sketch a historical map of the victim movement's past, present, and even its future.

For more background information about the Victim Oral History Project, click here Video Introduction to view a brief introductory video clip, or to read a transcript of the video introduction, click here Transcript of Video Introduction.

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