An Oral History of the Crime Victim Assistance Field
Video and Audio Archive

Interview Questionnaire

Below are the questions that were used as a basis for each participant's interview.

  1. Why/how did you first get involved in the crime victims movement?
  2. Describe the field of victims' rights and services 30 years ago (or when you/your agency entered the field), including the context of the era.
  3. In your pioneering area(s) of victim assistance, what was the greatest challenge you and your colleagues faced in affecting change?
  4. What were the secrets, tactics, and strategies you employed that were successful?
  5. What were the failures?
  6. What do you perceive to be the one greatest accomplishment that has promoted victims' rights and needs?
  7. What is needed today to continue the growth and professionalism of our field?
  8. What's missing?
  9. What advice can you give to professionals and volunteers who have joined our field in the past 1 to 10 years?
  10. What vision do you have for the future of our field?
  11. What is your greatest fear for the field?
  12. Additional issue or content-specific questions may folllow.